Hiking Norway (real quick)

Norway has so much beautiful landscapes for only some 5 million Norwegians living there. So it's really worthwhile paying Norway a visit for some outdoor activities. I was fortunate to do a famous hike there at Besseggen with friends.

Unfortunately I tend to attract "mixed" weather when travelling Scandinavia. Until now I was mostly happy with my rain clothing, but the Norwegian wind and rain taught me that there is still room for improvement ;).


And travelling is full of surprises: Didn't reach my connecting flight at Berlin Tegel and had to spend a night in a hotel in Berlin. Acceptable Döner for 2,50 € for dinner (the vegetarian Döner would have cost 3,80€... :/ ).

Also Deutsche Bahn tried to annoy me by charging 30 € for a 110 km which arrives 30 minutes late, but my good mood held up fine. Hope to see everyone again soon! :)


On the flight back to "Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport" (cute airport btw^^), the pilot was taking a nice route along Frankfurt and Darmstadt offering a really nice view on the town where I have lived for quite some years :).

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